Snow – Falling in My Heart

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As a boy grow up in Canton province in the southern China, I have never seen snow before I leave my hometown. Consequently, every time I see snow I will get excited. I like snow, and I will cherish every snow and regard them as the precious memories in my life!

I remember clearly the first time I saw snow, it was a night of two years ago. And I was a freshman in college at that time. One of my classmates told me that it snowed outside. I was so excited to heard this news, so I can’t wait opening the window of my dormitory(although it is cold at that moment). Through the window, I watch the white snowflake falling in the sky. This is snow, the thing which I was longing to see when I know the conception of it when I was a little boy! I witnessed it face to face, and it seems fantasy. I was so fascinated that I forgot the cold, I hold out my hand out of the window, I wanted to touched the snow. Oh, this is snow, it means so special for me, and I sent a lot of messages to told my friends and relatives that I have seen snow.

The time passed unconsciously, I was a sophomore when the second time I saw snow. This snow was much heavier than the first time, and so I have a chance to see snow-covered landscape. I like to see the trees and building covers with snow, I like a vast expanse of whiteness. On the afternoon of that day, I went to Jianhu campus with my classmates, and we took photos in the schoolyard when the class was over.

Today, I see snow once again! Unawares, I am a junior student now. I am excited all the same, but my mood changes a lot compares with that of before. The largest change is I have to face the stress comes from the reality and I have a experience I have never experienced before. I am so busy so busy this semester, I am so busy that I even forget myself sometimes! Courses, school assignment, experiment, driving lessons, all of this congest my daily life! Therefore, I am eager for a snow so much, I expect the snow can calm my anxious heart down. This morning, when I get up, I see the trees outside are covered with white snow, I get excited and I want to take some photos, because I may have no chance to see snow when I graduated from college. As soon as the class is over, I walk around in the Nanhu campus and take photos with my classmates. I took photos in the snow with my camera, even though I am too cold to click the button in the camera. it is so cold outside, the wind is fierce, but nothing can cool down my enthusiasm, I love this feeling. The snow, falling in the sky, accumulating in the ground and then melt into water. This is lifeline of snow, and this is one of the basic nature law. Try to dominate my own mood, try to ignore the influence of something and someone,I should turn calm. I must focus on the things deserve my attention, I am still the dream catcher!

I believe the snow is the symbol of the pure and innocence. As a matter of fact, I miss the days in the past very much. Once I was a little boy who just obey to the teach of teachers and the order of my parents. That’s time is the age of innocence, and I was simple and happy. I wish the snow can pure my mind and heart which are influenced by the noisy world. What I want to do is to achieve my goal in the future, I and the members of my family will be the high-society people.

I believe I can, although what I have is time and ambition!!!



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