The Call of The Wild

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when I was a student at senior middle school, I read the novel of Love of life, and it is the first time for me to get in touch with Jack London‘s novel. I was attracted by his vivid description and the deep going mind through his article. From then on,I was addicted to his writing style and I read several  novels during my college ages. This semester, I read the book of The Call of The Wild,I think it is a great novel as well!

The Call of The Wild is the most famous novel of Jack London’s novels. The book tells us how a dog, Buck,became a member of wolves and get back to the primitive life.

Buck lived at a big house called Judge Miller’s place in the sunny vally, his life is cosy and cheerful. However,Manuel,the gardener of Judge Millsr’s family,a greed gambler  always in debt,took Buck away and sold him to another man. Since then, Buck was passed on several times and he was sold to a post office to carry the letters to the northland at last.

Buck, a dog who always has cosy and comfortable life in the sunny vally, was taken from the heart of civilization and thrown into the life of the primitive, his life changed totally. First of all, he must learn to acclimatize himself to the law of club and tooth. Buck was a docile dog at first, but he was shocked by the club of his owners and the tooth of his companions. As a result, he learned to resist loneliness and adjust to the cruel reality as soon as possible. Kill or be killed,eat or be eaten,was the law since the beginning of the Time, and he had to obey. In order to survive in the unfriendly and unforgiving northland, Buck known what he had to do was fighting, fighting,fighting! He learned to fight like a wolf——cut and snap,then away again. Because of his strong body and wisdom, he beaten all of the other dogs and became the leader of the group.

During his ages at Alaska, Buck’s owner change several times, but his duty never changed——drag the sled with the other dogs at the frozen northland.However, Hal, a cruel and heartless man,became his owner this time. Once, Buck did not get up at Hal’s command, Hal struck him with a whip again and again. Buck seemded nearly dead anyway and could be of no use.Fortunately, John Thorton saved him and became his new owner. Thorton was kind hearted, he cured Buck carefully, and they had sincere emotion. Buck felt the love of man again, and he was loyal to Thorton very much.In spite of all the risks, Buck saved Thorton’s life twice. In the northland, man like bragging about dogs, and Thorton became one of the the gamblers. Finally, Buck dragged a sled with one thousand pounds of salt and walk off for a hundred yards. Buck broke the record in Alaska, and Thorton won a large amount of money. After Thorton had enough money, he made a trip into the eastern part of the northland and became a gold miner. For thousand miles of trip, they arrived at their destination. Consequse, Buck found a new land himself. He like the abundant plants and various animals, and he found himself was a part of the nature. He enjoyed his wild life and even get addicted to it. However,something unpleasant happened. Thorton and his friend were killed by the Indian. Buck was so angry and he killed several Indian to revenge for his owner. Thorton’s death frustracted Buck so much, he lost the interst of the human society. On the contrary, he heard the call of the wild from the depths of his heart. He ran into the forest, joined the wolves and have aprimitive life like his ancestors.

I was shocked by Buck after I read the novel. Yes! No one can determine a definition for a dog. So, what about man! Every man in the world is unique, he can radiate his only shine just himself. I will step into the society next year, I think it is a challenge for every college sutdent just like me. Maybe the society is very realistic, and it is another kind of the law of club and tooth. Take it easy, just do it, I am what I am!  Focus, Focus, learn hard, work hard, and try my best to be confident and uplight man!


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